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What Is The Quali-Funda Initiative

Qualifunda - Caring DaisiesThe Quali-Funda Initiative was started jointly by Qualibooks-Naledi (Pty) Ltd, a level 1 BEE company and SA-Artists. A need to form part of where the donated money would be spent was identified amongst corporates, which had to spend money to obtain a B-BBEE scorecard.

The aim of the Quali-Funda Initiative is to improve the reading ability of school pupils across South-Africa. By donating mobile library units to schools, children will have access to much needed resource materials.

Make A Difference To The Future Of Our School Children

Over the past few years, it was proven that school children’s reading ability has a direct impact on the number of years they would be attending school. By improving their reading ability, school children will have a bigger chance of determining their own futures, instead of being pushed into a certain direction due to a lack of performance in school.

Often, children who do not perform adequately in school, will eventually become part of criminal activities in their communities.

Benefits To All

The  Quali-Funda Initiative offers various benefits to all parties involved. By donating library books to school children, it offers them the opportunity to improve their reading skills.

The entity that made the donation, can make a difference to its employees morale, by donating books to the schools which the employee’s children attend. At the same time, points will be earned for the SED and / or ED elements of its B-BBEE scorecard. An additional benefit is also the exposure received due to the entity’s logo being displayed on the mobile library unit. This can then also be displayed on the company website.

B-BBEE Consultants are also benefitting from the process as it lessens the burden to get all the relevant documents signed. All necessary documentation is drafted and signed in a very short period of time. The other concern, namely that a BEE consultant’s client might not get the recognition necessary due to incomplete documentation or non-compliance, also plays no role here as various happy clients have been assisted in the past.

How Does It Work?

By making use of the Quali-Funda Initiative, companies can earn points for the SED & ED elements of its BEE scorecard. The company’s BEE consultant will give the company’s representative and indication of the amount of money that needs to be spent on the various elements. That exact amount can then be spent on a mobile library unit and books. The company can then decide to which school the mobile library unit and books must be donated. An invoice will be generated for the said amount, and once payment is made, all documentation will be completed.  The company will then supply logo in the highest resolution possible, which will form part of the rendition to be used on the mobile library unit. Once the rendition is approved by the client, it will be sent for printing. As soon as printing is finalised, a date that suits all parties will be determined for handover to take place. On the day of handover, pictures can be taken to be displayed on the company website.


Artists Involvement

Quali-funda InisiatiefThe Quali-Funda Initiative affords artists the opportunity to become involved in something that changes children’s lives forever. Chrizaan, a well known artist was the first musician to embrace the work done by the Quali-Funda Initiative.

The opportunity to become involved is open to all artists. By getting involved, artists have the opportunity to broaden their van base amongst both school children and corporate South Africa. Various opportunities could arise from being involved. By working together with artists, SA-Artists and Qualibooks-Naledi are both of the opinion that this can be a very rewarding project to be a part of.

Various other opportunities are being explored on a daily basis to give back to the artists who are willing to help our school children improve their reading skills by spreading the word.

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